3/2/17 Post: Interactive Fiction Plans

It all started with doodling until I got inspiration, and it will end with a traditional text-based narrative in a tree structure. Not going to lie, I have a tendency of figuring out what I want to do first, which is usually the second step of the process, and then, I struggle to connect what I want to do the original brainstorm. More or less, I brainstorm after I’ve already decided what my type of lightning will be.

While I doodled, I drew basic images of objects. The letter was the one that stuck out to me because I felt like it was a feasible concept to create an interactive narrative. For instance, a person has a letter to write, and the interactor makes the choices to each line of the letter, changing the storyline along the way and giving the chance for multiple endings based on people’s choices, pretty much INF at its most basic form.

But as myself, that would not be good enough. I wanted to something with more of a purpose, or cryptic connections to real life… So, I decided to choose one of my favorite songs, “Stay A Little Longer,” by Brothers Osborne to be my inspiration.

The first line of the INF, built on inklewriter, is the first line of the song, and certain choices along the way that interactors will make will either be an exact line in the song, or some phrase like the lines of the song.

So, what will interactors get out of my piece? Will fulfill their cravings? That’s probably subject to opinion, but I will let the interactors have choices more common than not in the story. Yet because of my personal preference to be cryptic and vague in my storylines and projects, I don’t really want to give a clear narrative or clear endings to some of the endings in the INF. I like people to fill in their own blanks. I don’t want to give it all away.

Here is the rough draft: http://writer.inklestudios.com/stories/qnr2



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