“The Day Before The Election:” An Interactive Narrative

Stay A Little Longer? How about not. Sure, I loved that concept, but while lying in bed instead of experiencing life due to insane sinuses, I had a new idea. “The Day Before The Election” is a politically-related, almost real-life inspired, interactive narrative about the very day before the presidential election. The interactor, “you,” play the part of the party nominee who has one last day to win over American hearts and become the president. But let’s be honest. After watching the 2016 presidential campaign, it’s hard to envision such a clear, linear, perfect storyline to the presidency. Instead, it’s easier to imagine someone running for president and botching their chances also along the way.

On this very last day, realistically, a presidential candidate will not have enough time to visit a lot of places. Considering this, your first choice will be to choose one state to visit. Simple enough, but a strategy will be needed to make the right choice. From there, you may or may not have more decisions and choices to make. In all, there are 12 different endings, some more violent, believable, or unrealistic than others.

Going back to the first paragraph, today’s presidential candidates definitely stood out from the “traditional” candidates of the past, meaning this candidate is just as nontraditional. Sometimes a rally topic, an apology, or a tweet will be the difference between becoming president or not becoming president. Will you become president in this interactive narrative? #findout.



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