Weekly Blog Post: Draw A Picture of Your Workspace.

Maybe I think about things more than others do. I’ve always been generally curious about everything and anything including psychology. A fact is, thanks to psychology, everything we think, do, or think of doing says something about us. Like sports? You probably have an inner competitive side, or even worse, an inner aggressive, violent side. Like the arts? You are probably right side of the brain dominant and have characteristics of holistic thought and creativity.

Even how you present something says a lot about you. This week, I completed the journal entry that said to draw a picture of my workspace. At the time, I was sitting in Blackington Hall, and I really wasn’t thinking much about it when I organized the items on “desk.” Yet where I placed each item does say a lot about me.

My phone was to my close left because although I hate social media and constant connections to the internet. It’s all because I’m secretly afraid if I can’t see my phone, I’ve lost it. My binder was thrown diagonally to the right of me. To reach my binder, I would have to shift my body. I like to think the reason I put my binder there was because I wanted to focus on my digital assignments and not get too overwhelmed by what else I have due.

As usual, I am making a broad connection to writing for digital media; however, this journal entry and my curiosity about psychology reminded me about a piece another student had done, Dom Didomenico’s Rorschach Poetry. He is an exact example of how psychology and how what a person thinks can be displayed in the digital form. Unlike your typical Rorschach test, Dom expresses what he thinks the blobs are through poetry, something I highly admire; frankly, this was my favorite peer work I saw last semester.

Dom highlights the crossing between psychology, literature, and writing on a digital platform. Although it might not be the easiest brainstorm, I think I would like to do something with a person’s thoughts and psychology in my location-based piece.



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