The War Memorial: A Multimedia Miniseries

For this assignment, we were assigned to choose a location to base our narratives on. The location did not have to be real or a place where we had memories, meaning options were truly open to anything. Automatically, my mind thought of one place that would be a nostalgic and meaningful place for me and possibility other classmates to a project on, The Cambria County War Memorial.

Although some students at UPJ never go to The War Memorial because they really never leave the Richland Area, some of us have called The War Memorial one of our second homes for years, more specifically, Eric, Dan, and I have. Eric has been an UPJ hockey Ice Cat for one year and has also done stats at the rink. Dan was the captain of the Ice Cats after playing on the team for four years. And I was an ice girl and a stats person for the Johnstown Tomahawks; both the Cats and the Hawks call The War Memorial home.

For our project, we all decided to take our take on how we connect with The War Memorial, while Sarah, set the narrative to our miniseries by giving a brief, historical background on the building in Johnstown history from the days of Slapshot to Kraft Hockeyville.

For me, I wanted to illuminate on what The War Memorial means to me and how I become an avid visitor at the rink starting from my limited visits as a young child at concerts. Moving to now, I wanted to explain that my time at The War Memorial has made me who I am today, somebody more confident in front people and with myself.

For our project, we chose to use Tumblr as it is almost, when using certain, a clear but advanced CMS version of Instagram, something we have all collaborated on before. I was the one created the account, adjusted the theme, and posted the content as I am the most experienced with Tumblr and how to use it.

To visit our project, vist:


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