4/7/17 Envisioning my final project

I feel like a waste. I’ve been writing poetry and lyrics since I was thirteen, but most of it I have hid like some secret. I think I’ve done it out of fear that it isn’t good. But really, is there any poetry that is good or bad? It’s poetry. It’s a voice. It’s real.

For my final project, I would like to take inspiration from  Post #4: 10 Things I Could’ve Done But Didn’t and Post #1: My favorite quote. In Post #4, I wrote about describing the different layers of myself using adjectives, and in Post #1, I wrote about using html and css to share my poetry.

For my final project, I want to use html, css, and javascript to create a mini sample of who I am as a creative writer, focusing mostly on poetry and lyrics. I want to start with a main page with those adjectives that describe me. Those adjectives would be links, which would connect to some poetry and lyrics I have written, which would also be related to that specific adjective such as heartbroken, etc.

To stay true to my style, I will probably keep the theme neutral with a black or white background and then correspondingly, black or white text. I would probably include some other multimedia pieces throughout the project as well including pictures of myself and videos of me the poems.

Ideally, I would like to call this project “The Proper Ending” because to end my college career, I want to be more true to my creative self. I want to start opening up that part of me for all. For this project, the only limitation I have is time because we all only have so much at all times. I could say fear is a limitation to, but for those who judge the writer, are only those who fear how the world would view their words too. I’m not afraid to share Ashley. I’m ready.



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